It’s OK to fall down! (written by Career Expert, Pete Leibman)

Last night, I went ice skating with a girl I have been dating.  Despite feeling as if my ankles might break in half when trying to balance on ice skates, it was my idea to do this for our date because it was something I thought she would enjoy. 

Once we got started, it was evident that her ice skating prowess was much better than mine, so I held her hand as a way to not have to be one of the guys holding onto the rail for support.  This is a good tip for all guys not gifted at ice skating.  Hold a girl’s hand, and it looks like you are trying to be romantic, when you are mainly just trying to balance yourself! 

After several laps, my date commented on how hard I appeared to be concentrating.  This was probably a polite way to ask me to stop cutting off circulation to her hand with my tight grip.

Looking back on last night, I was holding on to her for dear life and focusing intently on what I was doing because I was afraid of falling down, and I was afraid of falling down because of a fear of looking “stupid” in front of her and in front of the other people at the rink. 

Several minutes later, when I took a break on my own (and allowed my date to skate freely for several laps), I talked to a 6 year-old boy who was hanging out on the side of the rail.  After asking the boy his name and his age, I joked at how hard ice skating was for me.  On the contrary, he told me that he was faster on the ice than an NHL hockey player. 

I smiled, admiring his confidence and enthusiasm, and asked him to show me.  He then left the rail and proceeded to run (not skate) around the rink as fast as he could, probably at about 10 times as fast as I had skated several minutes earlier (with help).

While he did not fall during his lap, I noticed several other kids who fell often throughout the night.  However, rather than being embarrassed, they just kept getting back up, smiling, and trying to skate even faster.

I noticed 2 other couples that night as well.  One man fell flat on his back so hard that I actually heard his back hit the ice.  He then shared a huge laugh and a kiss with the girl he was with as she helped him get up.  Another couple fell down together and then shared a nice kiss while lying on the ice.  

Last night reminded me  of 2 life lessons I had temporarily forgotten.  The young boys reminded me that if you are not afraid to fall, you may fall more often, but you will also move ahead faster.  The 2 couples reminded me that falling down (together or individually) can actually bring you closer. 

Next time I go ice skating, I plan to fall down, and my date will be falling with me!

Thanks for reading!

-Pete Leibman

President of Idealize Enterprises, LLC

President of BetterFitness BetterHealth, LLC

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