10 Questions to ASK in Every Job Interview (written by Career Expert, Pete Leibman)

In a clip from a “Curb Your Enthusiasm” episode, Larry David discusses the importance of ASKING questions in a job interview, instead of just being prepared to answer them.

Remember that the interview is like a first date; regardless of who sets it up, it is designed for each party to decide if there is a match!  Since Curb doesn’t tell you what you should really be asking, here are 10 of my favorite questions to ASK when being interviewed.

  1. HOW DO YOU ENJOY WORKING HERE? (This is a good ice-breaker question to get to know the interviewer better and to learn about their background.)
  2. WHATS SKILLS OR PERSONALITY ATTRIBUTES DO YOU BELIEVE ARE MOST CRUCIAL FOR SUCCESS IN THIS POSITION? (This question will tell you what you should highlight about yourself, especially when you make your closing statement at the end of the interview.)
  3. WHERE DOES THE COMPANY WANT TO BE IN 5-10 YEARS?  (You will probably be asked this question.  Seems fair to me that you should be able to ask the company the same to see what their plans for the future are!)
  4. HOW WILL PERFORMANCE BE MEASURED FOR THE POSITION I AM APPLYING FOR?  (You want to learn what system they have for measuring success.)
  5. WHAT IS/ARE THE CAREER PATH(S) FOR SOMEONE WHO SUCCEEDS IN THE POSITION I AM APPLYING FOR?  (You want to learn what opportunities for advancement and growth exist in the company.)
  6. WHAT DO YOU BELIEVE IS THE GREATEST WEAKNESS OF THE COMPANY/DEPARTMENT? (Again, you will probably be asked this question, so it seems fair to me that you should be able to ask it as well!  Remember to ask it gently by highlighting the company’s strengths first.)
  7. WHAT IMPACT DO YOU BELIEVE THE RECENT _____  WILL HAVE ON THE INDUSTRY AND THE COMPANY’S FUTURE?  (Whether you highlight the economy, a new law, or some industry trend, this question shows an interest in the future.  If you feel comfortable, you can also share your predictions before asking this question to show that you have thought ahead as well.)
  8. HOW HAS THE INDUSTRY CHANGED SINCE ______ (OR SINCE THE INTERVIEWER STARTED WORKING THERE)? (Similar to question #7, this shows an interest in and awareness of changes in the industry.)
  9. NOW THAT YOU HAVE GOTTEN TO KNOW A LITTLE MORE ABOUT ME, WHAT CONCERNS, IF ANY, WOULD YOU HAVE ABOUT HIRING ME FOR THIS JOB?   (You want to try to draw out any objections that have not surfaced yet so that you can combat them.)
  10. WHAT IS/ARE THE NEXT STEP(S) IN THE INTERVIEW PROCESS?  (Like any good salesperson, you need to get a commitment for next steps, so that you are not forced to ‘touch base” or “follow-up” later on to see what to do next.)

By preparing thoughtful questions in advance and by asking them throughout the interview (and not just at the end of the interview), you can turn the interview into a 2-way conversation.  You will also learn more about the position and the company you are applying for, while demonstrating that you were well-prepared for the interview and knowledgeable about the company and its industry. 

Good luck!

-Pete Leibman

President of Idealize Enterprises, LLC

President of BetterFitness BetterHealth, LLC



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