6 Tips for the Night Before a Morning Interview (written by Career Expert, Pete Leibman)

The interview process begins the moment your interview is scheduled and does not finish until you accept the job!  By preparing the right way the night before the interview, you can be relaxed and stress-free the morning of the interview, and this will make your more confident in the interview itself!  Here are 6 essential tips for the night before a morning interview. 

  1. Check the forecast the night before.  If the weather report calls for any chance of rain, bring an umbrella with you (fold-up umbrellas can fit into any briefcase or small purse).  If it rains (and you show up wet), or if it is going to be 100 degrees (and you show up sweaty), you’ll feel self-conscious and look bad.  Don’t let the weather throw you off!
  2. Get dressed the night before.  Prepare all your clothes the night before the interview.  Make sure your shoes are polished and clean, your clothes fit properly (not too loose or too tight), and that your outfit matches and is crisply ironed.  Do NOT get your clothes together the morning of the interview; you don’t want to be scrambling to find another outfit if you notice a stain or hole in your clothes the morning of an appointment.  It has happened to me!
  3. Pack the night before.  Make sure you have the following ready to bring with you to the interview: (a) copies of your resume printed on high-quality paper (b) copies of letters of recommendation, even if they were not requested, (c) a typed page of 5-10 questions you plan to ASK at the interview (d) any relevant research or notes you gathered on the company/person interviewing you (e) any other materials that have been requested by the interviewer or which are relevant (i.e. writing samples, a cd featuring graphic design work you did at your last job, etc.)
  4. Get directions the night before.  Determine your mode of transportation to the interview (i.e. bus, train, car), map out your route to the interview location, and calculate how long it should take you to get there.
  5. Determine the night before when to leave.  Leave yourself 2-3 times as much time as you need.  In other words, if it should take you 30 minutes to get to the interview, plan to leave 60-90 minutes before you need to be there.  You don’t want to be rushing to arrive on time!  Get there early, and hang out at a local coffee shop until the interview is scheduled to begin.
  6. Sleep tight the night before.  Get a good night’s sleep the night before your interview (i.e. 8 hours of quality sleep).  So, if you have a 9 am interview, get into bed by 10pm, so you can be up by 6 am.  We’ll discuss what to do the morning of the interview in an upcoming post.

When you prepare the right way the night before a morning interview, you will walk into the interview confident and relaxed.  Good luck!

-Pete Leibman

Gen Y Career Expert and Speaker

President of Idealize Enterprises, LLC

President of BetterFitness BetterHealth, LLC



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