5 Questions to Build Your Career Strategy (written by Career Expert, Pete Leibman)

What's your strategy for your career?

When it comes to your career, failing to plan is planning to be underpaid, unemployed or unhappy!

If you want to avoid ending up in 1 of these 3 categories, you need to develop a strategy for your career.  Here are 5 questions you must answer to make sure you are headed in the right direction professionally: 

1. What am I good at and what do I enjoy doing?  Successful people understand what their talents and passions are and they incorporate them into their work.

2. Where do I want to get to eventually? Goals give you something meaningful to strive for and they keep you on track, especially if/when you encounter professional challenges or frustrations.

3. Where do I need to start? Determine what the first step is to get you to your ultimate destination.  You can fill in the steps in-between along the way.

4. Who can help me get where I want to be?  There is someone out there who has already done what you want to do or who has experience or knowledge that can help you achieve your goals.  Find them and ask them what they would do if they were in your position.  People love to give advice!

5. What do I need to learn to get where I want to be?  If you had all the knowledge and skills to get where you want to be, then you would be there already!  Determine what you need to learn how to do and start learning how to do it now.

By asking yourself these 5 questions throughout your career, you will make sure that you are on target to get where you want to be, and you will be more likely to be well-paid and happily employed!

Thanks for reading!

-Pete Leibman

President of Idealize Enterprises, LLC

Gen Y Career Expert and College/University Speaker




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