Assume people are always watching…because they are! (written by Career Expert, Pete Leibman)

You are always being watched at work!

In 2008, I fulfilled a lifelong dream to travel to Africa to do a safari.  I got 10 days off from work, took a 16-hour plane ride from Washington, D.C., to Johannesburg, South Africa, and then I took 2 more flights to get to Moremi Reserve in Botswana.  I stayed at a very secluded private lodge that only had 15 guests at a time. 

One afternoon, I enjoyed lunch outside as a boat pulled up to the shore right next to me with the following night’s guests.  As the group of 10 people walked over to me, I could not believe my eyes.  1 of the 10 people was a girl who played in my co-ed softball league!  I had gone halfway across the world and I still ran into someone I knew…and I’m really not that popular! 

 What does this have to do with your career? 

If you think you can get away with something at work because your boss is not standing right next to you or because your boss left early for the day, you are out of your mind! 

People are always watching you, and people you know are always around.  

Never do anything at work that you would not feel comfortable with other people knowing about.  You’ll be less stressed about anyone finding out, and you’ll always make decisions that serve your best interests. 

 Thanks for reading!  

-Pete Leibman  

President of Idealize Enterprises  

College Speaker and Career Expert for Gen Y  

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