1 Word Your Boss NEVER Wants to Hear (written by Career Expert, Pete Leibman)

As a new employee, you want to give the impression that you have everything under control.  It is certainly okay to ask for help occasionally, but you should always try to solve problems on your own first, and if/when you ask for help, stay calm! 

Several years ago when I worked for the NBA’s Washington Wizards, I was in a private meeting with one of the team’s Senior Vice Presidents at 3:15 pm on a Thursday afternoon.  The door to his office was closed, and we were discussing a new business development project. 

As someone knocked on the door to the office, the SVP rolled his eyes, and said, “Come in.” 

One of the sales department’s newer employees entered, and he was visibly flustered.  He said, “Rick, I have a disaster, and I really need your help.  My client is in the lobby.  He wants to pick up 2 tickets for tonight’s 7pm game, and they have not been printed yet.  I’m flipping out.  What should I do?!” 

Rick looked at him calmly and said, “Jeremy, have you gone to the customer service department and asked them to print the tickets for you?” 

Jeremy responded, “No, I guess I hadn’t thought of that.  Thanks for your help.” 

When my colleague left the office, the Senior Vice President looked at me and said, “I have no idea why he called that a ‘disaster’ and why he needed my help to figure out what to do.  That guy needs to get his act together.” 

Lesson #1: If your boss’ office door is closed, you better have a really good reason for interrupting him. 

Lesson #2: Choose your words carefully.  Your boss NEVER wants to hear that you have a “disaster,” especially if you just have a minor problem that you should have been able to fix on your own. 

Thanks for reading!  

-Pete Leibman  

College Speaker and President of Idealize Enterprises  




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