20 Tips for Entry-Level Resumes That Rock: Part IV (written by Career Expert, Pete Leibman)

16.   Highlight your “extras.”  Include volunteer opportunities, extra-curricular activities and any additional skills you may have (i.e. certifications or fluency in a foreign language).  Don’t just think about things you have done in school or in previous work environments.  Employers want well-rounded individuals with all sorts of experiences.

17.    Focus on the results you generated and not just on your responsibilities.  Make sure you include what happened as a result of your responsibilities.  Here is a quick example of how I did this on my resume:

  1. Before: Managed 7 different sales representatives between 2006-2008.
  2. After: Managed 7 different sales representatives, each of whom generated more revenue under my guidance than during any previous year of employment.

18.   Emphasize the universal job skills every employer wants.  The best resumes are those that demonstrate your creativity, leadership, problem-solving abilities, interpersonal skills, and technological skills. Find ways to illustrate these skills in your resume.

19.   Tailor your template.  Develop a resume template, and tweak each resume based on the position you are applying for.  This becomes more important as you advance in your career, but the point is that certain experiences will be more relevant than others based on the position you are applying for.

20.   Only send your resume to specific people.  Forget sending it to “human resources,” forget sending it to “whom it may concern,” forget emailing it to generic email addresses.  Find a person to send your resume to, and get it to them directly.

Make sure you follow these 20 resume tips, and you will be guaranteed to be called in for more interviews!

-Pete Leibman

College Speaker and President of Idealize Enterprises




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