20 Tips for Perfect Interview Preparation: Part II (written by Career Expert, Pete Leibman)

Here are tips #6-10 in our 20-tip series on perfect interview preparation:

6. Type up a list of questions you plan to ask in the interview.  Click here to view my top 10 questions to ask in every interview. 

7. Write out a sample 30-60 second opening statement. After some initial “small-talk,” nearly every interview begins with the interviewer asking you to tell him/her about yourself.  Be prepared to answer this question with a 30-60 second response that highlights your relevant background, why you want the job, and why you are qualified.  It is imperative to write this out in advance, so that you can practice it; getting off to a strong start in the interview will give you confidence, and make a great first impression.  Some words of caution: do not lay it on too thick here, and do not speak for more than 30-60 seconds.  This is just meant to set the stage for the rest of the interview.

8. Write out a sample 30-60 second closing statement. Your closing statement will be your final pitch. While this will need to be adjusted on the spot (based on what is discussed in the interview itself), you can prepare an outline before the interview.  In general, you want to (1) acknowledge and overcome any potential or expressed objections the interviewer could have about hiring you, (2) demonstrate how you have the skills or personality attributes that are crucial for success in the position, and (3) ask for the “order” (i.e. the job).  Again, this is too important to improvise completely on the spot.  Write out an outline and practice it before the interview.

9. Gather 3 letters of recommendation on official letterhead.  It does not matter if the interviewer(s) requested them.  Get them from 3 people you trust, so that you can bring them to the interview. 

10. Prepare your comebacks.  Think of the worst question(s) you could be asked; these will probably be implications by the interviewer as to why the company would not hire you.  Then, prepare how you would respond if asked those questions.  For example, determine how you would respond if asked why your GPA was under 3.0, or how you would respond if asked why you have never had an internship or full-time job before. 

While some of these steps may seem time-consuming, you only need to prepare them from scratch once.  This investment of time will be well worth it if it gets you hired at your dream job!

Tips #11-15 will be posted tomorrow!

-Pete Leibman

-President of Idealize Enterprises

-Career Expert and College Speaker




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