2 Rules You MUST Follow During A Job Search (written by Career Expert, Pete Leibman)


This is me speaking at a graduation event at Marymount University in Virginia

Last month, Marymount University in Virginia brought me to their campus to be the keynote speaker for a graduation event.  After the presentation, I had the opportunity to speak to a number of the students individually. 

One student approached me with his resume and said “Hi, I’m Mike.  Thanks for your presentation.  Can you send my resume out for me?”  He then handed me his resume.

I said, “Mike, who would you like me to send your resume to?”

He replied, “I don’t know.  I guess whoever you know who might have a job for me.”

After asking him if I could give him some advice, I told him that if he is going to ask someone for help, he has to make it easy for the person to help him.

Even if I wanted to use my free time to send his resume to people I knew (note: people you just met will NOT want to do that), I would have had no idea who to send it to! 

After I asked him a few more questions, he said that he would like to work in sports marketing.  Despite the fact that I was unimpressed with his first effort, he seemed like an honest, hard-working person, so I offered to connect him to the employee responsible for entry-level hiring for a local sports team.  I gave him my business card, and I told him to email me to discuss next steps.  It is now 6 weeks later, and he has still not sent me a note…

In summary, he did not follow 2 rules of the job search:

Rule #1: Never ask people to send your resume out for you.  That is YOUR job!  If you speak with a professional who may have connections that can help you find work, simply ask him if he knows anyone who might be able to advise you on breaking into a specific field.

Rule #2: If you are supposed to follow-up with someone, you better do it right away.  Being unreliable is a major turn-off in any professional (or personal) setting.

In summary, getting a job, especially your dream job, is more dependent on knowing how to ask for help and being reliable and thorough in your follow-up efforts.  Without that, it does not matter how high your GPA is, what school you went to, or how much internship/work experience you have.

-Pete Leibman

College Speaker and President of Idealize Enterprises




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