Don’t Be Too Casual on Casual Fridays (written by Career Expert, Pete Leibman)

It is amazing what some people wear to work on casual Fridays.  I have seen colleagues wearing open-toed sandals, graphic t-shirts, basketball jerseys, and cut-off jean shorts.  I also once saw a woman wear a cut-off shirt and low-cut jeans, a combination that made her thong quite visible.

Just because you might be going to a club later that night does not mean you should dress for the club during the work-day.  Unless you work in the fashion industry, work is not the place to be making fashion statements.  You shouldn’t be wearing a 3-piece suit on casual Fridays, but remember that you are still at work!  Err on the side of being slightly overdressed at all times.

Casual Fridays are also not excuses to come in with sloppy stubble or smelling like you were out bar-hopping until 4am the night before.

Your colleagues (especially senior management) will notice how you present yourself at all times.  I once had my boss call me in to his office to tell me that one of my 22 year-old employees needed to start dressing more professionally on casual days.

Remember that you are being watched and evaluated at all times!  You can “let yourself go” on the weekends if you want, but always keep it professional during the week!  Sloppy people are much less likely to get raises and promotions.

Thanks for reading!

-Pete Leibman

-College Speaker and President of Idealize Enterprises

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