3 Types of People Who Can Help You Get Your Dream Job (written by Career Expert, Pete Leibman)

Are you a student or recent grad? Your rolodex is bigger than you think!

If you want to get your dream job, you need to get in front of the right people, and you need to impress them.  You do that through networking.

When I was a senior in college looking for full-time work, I made the mistake of thinking I had no connections.  Ultimately, I still got my dream job because I networked relentlessly with people I did not know.  However, I have always wondered if I could have still ended up in the same place (and saved myself a lot of time and energy) if I had done more to leverage the network I had as a college student. 

If you are a student or recent grad looking for work, do not make the same mistake I did!  Before you seek out a job, make a list of everyone you know.  Then, seek advice from all of them on breaking into your ideal industry.  Here are the 3 types of contacts every student has:

1. Your personal contacts.  Don’t take the people closest to you for granted!  Your family and best friends will be your biggest advocates, and they probably know a lot of people who could help you.  Make sure you also reach out to people from your hometown, your classmates at school, and people from any organizations or activities you have been involved in during high school or college (i.e. volunteer activities, social groups, sports teams, and so on).

2. Your academic contacts.  The career center is a student or recent grad’s best friend during a job search.  First of all, most (if not all) of their services are FREE.  Their staff can help you determine what type of work you want to do, they can help you craft impressive resumes and cover letters, they can help you prepare for interviews, and they can also connect you with alumni and employers in the field you want to break into.  Visit your career center NOW if you have not done so yet!  Your professors can also be a great resource during your job search.  Many of them currently work in their field of expertise.  Even if they do not, most will have prior experience in that field and know others who work in the field currently.  Other campus staff can also be a great asset (i.e. people in the athletic department, student life, or any of the other departments on campus).  While many of these groups can connect you with alumni, you should also seek out alumni on your own.  Most alumni enjoy giving career advice to students from their alma mater.

3. Your professional contacts.  This includes people you have worked with as an intern, part-time employee, or full-time employee.  You should also consider any professional associations that you might be involved in.  Professional associations are composed of industry leaders who know lots of other people in their industries.  People involved in such organizations are generally “go-getters” who also love to help ambitious young professionals.

In summary, employers hire people they know, like and trust, OR they hire people endorsed by people they know, like, and trust.  Do you want to get your dream job?  Then, make sure you leverage your existing network of personal contacts, academic contacts, and professional contacts!  You may be surprised at who your connections are connected to.

-Pete Leibman

Career Expert and President of Idealize Enterprises





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