4 Reasons Why A “Sales Plan” Will Get You Hired Faster (written by Career Expert, Pete Leibman)

A well-designed “sales plan” will get you your dream job much faster, and it could save you hundreds of hours of wasted effort.

Did I take the time to create a “sales plan” when I was a student looking for a job?  Of course not.  No one told me why it was important, and no one told me how to do it.  As a result of not having a plan, I was completely disorganized.  I also felt “overwhelmed,” “defeated,” and “frustrated” most of the time.  Unless you want to feel the same way, it is absolutely essential that you create a “sales plan” for getting your dream job.

If you were to run around in a circle for an hour, you would be exhausted, but you would not have gone anywhere.  This is also true when looking for work.  Certain activities will take you much further than others.

If you approach your job search strategically, you will save yourself hours, weeks, and maybe even months of unproductive searching.  In addition to the fact that taking the time to plan will get you hired much faster, there are 4 other reasons why a plan is essential for job search success:

  1. A plan gives you a sense of control and prevents you from feeling overwhelmed.  Is there any worse emotion than feeling like something is out of your control?  Unfortunately, that is how most job-seekers feel.  A plan puts you in the driver’s seat and leaves you feeling empowered.
  2. A plan keeps you positive. Momentum is essential for achieving any goal, and the hardest part of job searching is getting started.  Creating a plan will give you initial momentum to go out and execute your plan.  It will also show you all the resources you have on your side.  The result will be a much more positive outlook.
  3. A plan gives you focus.  By taking the time to design a plan, you will be more organized and more focused.  Focus leads to confidence, and confidence leads to better performance.  
  4. If you don’t plan, you could end up anywhere.  While it might be fun to go on a road trip without a detailed itinerary, it will not be enjoyable to approach your job search with the same spontaneity and lack of direction.  If you do, you could end up with a job you did not even want.  This is why the majority of Americans hate their jobs.  Most people never take the time to plan how they can find their dream job.

Do you want to get your dream job faster?  Then, take the time to plan how you will get it!  Tune in tomorrow when I will discuss the 3 parts of a dream job “sales plan”…

-Pete Leibman

Career Expert and President of Idealize Enterprises




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