The 3 Best Web Sites for Any Job Search (written by Career Expert, Pete Leibman)

Did you know that over 70% of jobs are filled through personal contacts and networking, while less than 5% of all jobs are filled through job boards?  The key to a successful job search is to stop looking for jobs and start looking for people.  When you find the right people (and you impress them), they will tell you where your dream job is “hiding” and who the hiring person is.  This is how I got my dream job to work in the front-office for an NBA team as a 21-year old student. 

The following are the 3 best web sites for a job search because they help you find the right people:

  1. With over 75 million professionals worldwide on the site, is THE place to go online to find/meet the key influencers in any industry.  Through, you can research industries, companies, and specific people.  You can also build new relationships, strengthen current relationships, and learn about events where you can connect with key people in-person.
  2. is the world’s largest database of updated, downloadable information on companies and their employees.  The web site is free, and their directory features full contact information for more than 4 million businesses and 22 million business professionals, including job titles, company names, web sites, mailing addresses, email addresses, and phone numbers.  Over 200,000 new contacts are added weekly, and the site is continuously updated by its membership of 1 million users.  Through Jigsaw, you can get direct contact information for nearly anyone.
  3. Through, you can research associations, conferences, and events where you can meet key people in-person.  For example, if you want a job in “sports marketing,” you could do the following “google searches” to learn where you can get connected with the right people in the sports marketing industry:
  • “Sports marketing association”
  • “Sports marketing group”
  • “Sports marketing event”
  • “Sports marketing networking”
  • “Sports marketing conference”
  • “Sports marketing publication”
  • “Sports marketing discussion group”

Do you want to get your dream job now?  Then, use,, and  Stop looking for jobs, and start looking for people!

-Pete Leibman

Career Expert and President of Idealize Enterprises


P.S. I speak about career success to students and young professionals nationwide.  To learn more about my speaking availability, please email me at

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