4 Traits For Successful Job Search Networking (written by Career Expert, Pete Leibman)

Job Search Networking is the process of generating referrals and job leads through people you already know or people you meet during your job search.  Someone’s willingness to help you during a job search is not based on how long or how intimately he/she knows you.  Instead, it is based on how much he/she likes you and trusts you.  In other words, you don’t need to have known a person for 10 years for him to endorse you to people he knows.  You just need to make him confident that you will represent him well if he puts his reputation on the line by introducing you to his contacts.  For example, one of the executives influential in helping me get my dream job in college was someone I spoke to for less than 3 minutes in-person (I introduced myself to him at a networking event).

Before referring you to someone else, a person is consciously or subconsciously asking himself, “Do I like and trust this person enough to put my reputation on the line by introducing him/her to someone else?”  If the answer is “yes,” a young job-seeker can usually get almost anyone to open his rolodex.  You MUST demonstrate the following 4 traits to prove yourself likeable and trustworthy and to R.E.A.P. the benefits of networking:

  1. Reliable:  If you say you will call at a certain time, you have to call at that time.  If you say you will follow-up, you have to follow-up promptly.  If you ask someone for advice, you need to use their advice.  Be reliable!
  2. Enthusiastic:  If you are not excited about the type of job you are pursuing, you will not inspire others to help you.  You need to get excited before you can expect others to get excited about helping you.  Be enthusiastic!
  3. Appreciative: Older executives remember once being in your shoes, and many of them enjoy helping younger professionals now.  All they will expect in return is genuine appreciation.  Acknowledge that you understand they are very busy, do not take up much of their time, and send  a simple, sincere thank you note after you get connected.  Be appreciative!
  4. Professional:  If you expect people to put their reputation on the line by hiring you or by introducing you to other people they know, you have to put your best foot forward at all times (online and in-person).  Be professional!

 It is incredibly easy and simple for a job-seeker to exhibit these 4 characteristics during a job search, but it amazes me how rarely young professionals do!  If networking is not working for you, it might be because of how you are presenting yourself to other people.  Networking works when you are reliable, enthusiastic, appreciative, and professional.  Make sure you R.E.A.P the benefits of your networking efforts!

-Pete Leibman

Career Expert and President of Idealize Enterprises





P.S. I speak about career success to students and young professionals nationwide.  To learn more about my speaking availability, please email me at Pete@IdealizeNow.com.

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