5 Things EVERY Employer Wants (written by Career Expert, Pete Leibman)

No matter where you work and what your job is, EVERY organization wants 5 things from its employees.  Deliver these 5 things, and you will get hired faster and get promoted faster:

  1. Character.  If employers do not trust you and think that you work hard, your career opportunities will be very limited.  It doesn’t matter what your GPA is or how talented you are if your integrity is questionable.  Character is the foundation for career success.
  2. Enthusiasm.  Employers want people who want to work for them, but Success Magazine recently reported that 85% of employed Americans are NOT fully satisfied with their careers.  It’s pretty hard to do great work for an organization that you are not excited about working for.  Enthusiasm is a prerequisite for career success.
  3. Initiative.  Most employees forget that bosses have their own projects and their own boss to impress.  You make life easier for your boss and you become extremely valuable when you are a proactive employee.  You will be amazed after college at how easy it is to stand out at work in a good way; most employees just do the bare minimum.  A little extra effort multiplies quickly over time.  For example, if you get to work 15 minutes early and leave 15 minutes late each day, you will work 2.5 hours more than most people each week.  That is 10 hours more each month, and 120 hours more each year.  In other words, if you put in 30 extra minutes a day, you will work 3 extra weeks a year!  Think of what an advantage that would be. 
  4. People/communication skills.  Regardless of your employer, you will have a boss, you will have colleagues, and your organization will also serve other people, whether they are clients, customers, patients, donors, voters, subscribers, or students.  To achieve career success, you must get along well with other people, and you must be able to communicate clearly and effectively.
  5. Results.  The expectations will change based on the employer and your job, but employers hire people to solve problems.  Period.  Determine what your organization needs from you, and make sure you over-deliver.  When you achieve desirable results, you will get hired faster and promoted faster. 

In summary, no matter where you work now or where you want to work in the future, you must prove that you have character, enthusiasm, initiative, and people/communication skills.  If you have those traits and skills, and you deliver results, you will ALWAYS get hired faster and promoted faster.

-Pete Leibman

-Career Expert and Professional Speaker

-President of Idealize Enterprises




Blog: http://CareerMuscles.Wordpress.com

Twitter: @peteleibman

P.S. I speak about career success to students and young professionals nationwide.  To learn more about my programs and speaking availability for The 2011 Dream Job College Tour, please send an email to Pete@IdealizeNow.com.

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