7 Actions You Must Take BEFORE You Start a Job Search (by Career Expert, Pete Leibman)

There are certain actions you must take BEFORE you start a job search to ensure that you get a better job faster.  Regardless of the type of job you are looking for, here are 7 ways you can set yourself up for success during your job search:

1.  Prepare yourself mentally and find your motivation.  A job search can take 3-6 months or more, no matter how talented or well-connected you are.  Be psychologically ready to deal with inevitable rejections, setbacks, and frustrations, and don’t internalize these challenges.  Keep your eye on the prize: a better job that fulfills you and pays you what you are worth!  Make sure to identify why you want a new or better job.  What positive results will you experience when you get that new job?  Will you be able to provide for your family?  Will you feel better about yourself?  Will you be able to help other people somehow?  Identify a significant “why” and you will eventually overcome any obstacle.

2. Be thankful.  Make a list of at least 25 things or people you are grateful for, and review this list every morning and night and when you need inspiration.  Your career might not be where you want it to be right now, but you certainly have lots of things to be thankful for, including family, friends, your health, education, fresh food to eat, a warm house, and freedom.  It is easy to take for granted how fortunate you are.  Gratitude helps your attitude, and a great attitude is essential for success in a job search.

3. Identify a teammate(s).  This could be a career coach, a friend, and/or a family member.  Many job-seekers make the huge mistake of looking for a job on their own.  Find at least 1 person you trust who will be there to help you brainstorm ideas and to support you weekly through ups and downs.

4. Analyze your financial situation.  How much money do you have in your bank account?  What are your monthly expenses?  How long can you go without making any money?  Do you need to get a part-time job to pay your bills in the meantime?  Financial stress can be a huge obstacle during a job search because it can make you appear desperate, a huge turn-off to employers.  If you can’t afford to be out of work, get a “stop-gap” job in the short-term, such as a job at a restaurant or retail store.  Being aware of your financial situation will help reduce stress about money and allow you to use your energy on getting a job. 

5. Stay active.  Take on a volunteer or part-time position connected to your career, and get involved in a group, course, seminar, or class related to your career.  While you might need to get a part-time job to pay some bills in the short-term, make sure you also get some experience or add some knowledge related to your career.  For example, there are thousands of non-profit organizations who would gladly accept any services you can provide on a volunteer basis.  Then, you can reference that work rather than saying you are unemployed.  Employers don’t want to hire “unemployed” people.  Do something that shows initiative and that keeps your skills and expertise fresh.

6. Control your inputs and physical environment.  Make a list of the 5-10 people you spend the most time with.  Do they usually lift you up or drag you down?  For those who don’t inspire you, make sure you reduce your time spent with them as much as possible.   In addition, stop reading the newspaper and watching the news, except for topics related to your industry.  Most press is negative, depressing, and completely irrelevant to your life and career.  Lastly, read something inspirational every morning and night, and any time you need a boost.  Click here for 10.5 of my favorite inspirational books and magazines. 

7. Identify a job search “office” and get the right tools.  Select a location where you will conduct all (or most) of your job search activities.  It could be a local Starbucks or your town library.  I’d recommend using a location outside of your house if possible.  It’s always healthy to have some separation from work and home, especially during a stressful job search.  You should also go to Staples or any office supply store, and grab some high-quality resume paper, a notebook, a portfolio pad and/or briefcase, index cards, thank you notes, envelopes, and stamps.  You can also have business cards designed for yourself at a very low price through web sites like vistaprint.com, fiverr.com, or elance.com.  The right tools will make you much more efficient.

Set yourself up for job search success with the right attitude, support system, environment, and tools, and you will get a better job faster!

-Pete Leibman

-Career Expert and Professional Speaker

-Creator of The Dream Job College Tour




Blog: http://CareerMuscles.Wordpress.com

Twitter: @peteleibman

P.S. I speak about career success to students and young professionals nationwide.  To learn more about my programs and speaking availability for The 2011 Dream Job College Tour, please send an email to Pete@IdealizeNow.com.

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