3 Little-Known Reasons Why Networking Is The Best Job Search Strategy (written by Career Expert, Pete Leibman)

Your job search strategy impacts the interview process and how you will be treated after being hired.  No employer will admit this publicly because every employer wants everyone to think its hiring and HR practices are uniform for all applicants and employees.  Based on my own experience and some “off-the-record” conversations with employers, that’s a load of garbage.  Here are 3 little-known reasons why Networking is the best job search strategy: 

  1. Networking leads to easier interviews.  Without exception, interviews I have managed to land through job boards or traditional channels have always been much tougher than interviews I have gotten through personal contacts and networking.  This makes sense.  If an employer doesn’t know you or the person who referred you, they should test you more during the interview process.  When I walked into the Washington Wizards’ offices when interviewing for a full-time job as a 21 year-old student, I was not “some kid found through Monster.com.”  Instead, I was “the kid referred by their former Vice President.” What do you think that did for my credibility before I even showed up for the interview?  My first impression was taken care of well before I ever walked into their offices.  Perhaps more importantly, what do you think it did for my confidence?  I walked in with a halo around my head, and after I got over my initial anxiety about interviewing with the Team President, I felt much more relaxed than in interviews with other companies where I lacked a personal connection.  (You still need to prepare impeccably for every interview.)
  2. Networking improves your ability to negotiate salary.  The way you come into contact with an employer also dictates your ability to negotiate salary, although negotiating power is usually pretty limited for students and young professionals.  In short, when you get yourself to the interview through networking, you position yourself as someone who is more resourceful, committed, and connected than someone who simply could be applying to jobs at random online.  That resourcefulness and focus also makes you appear more valuable and makes the company want you more.  Want proof that this matters?  I once negotiated a $50,000 increase in my starting salary because I knew the CEO of a company interviewing me.  The chances of me being able to do that if I had landed my job interview after applying through a job board?  Zero.
  3. Networking leads to better treatment after you are hired.  The way you come into contact with an employer during your job search also dictates how you will be treated after getting hired.  Again, no organization will admit this to be true.  However, if you get hired because you know a senior executive for the employer, you better believe you will be treated better than if you somehow manage to get hired without any personal/internal endorsements.  Part of this will be subconscious, and part of this will be intentional.  The employer will feel more invested in you if you know someone on the inside before you start your job.

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-Pete Leibman (Pete@IdealizeNow.com)

-Author of “I Got My Dream Job And So Can You: The Blueprint On How To Take Charge Of Your Career As A Young Professional” (due out through AMACOM in spring 2012)

-President of Idealize Enterprises

-Keynote Speaker for The Dream Job College Tour

Creator of The Washington Wizards’ Sports Careers Day

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