The #1 Secret for Getting a Higher Starting Salary (by Career Expert, Pete Leibman)

Most job-seekers overlook the #1 secret for salary negotiation. It’s NOT about what you say after the employer has made you an offer!

Check out this 1-minute video from a recent presentation I made at Mary Baldwin College. While the video quality isn’t the best, this is a very valuable tip for job-seekers and for those who coach job-seekers…

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-Pete Leibman

-Author of “I Got My Dream Job And So Can You! 7 Steps To Creating Your Ideal Career After College” (due out through AMACOM in early 2012)

-Founder of Dream Job Academy

-Keynote Speaker for The Dream Job College Tour

-Creator of The Washington Wizards’ Sports Careers Day

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One Comment on “The #1 Secret for Getting a Higher Starting Salary (by Career Expert, Pete Leibman)”

  1. Paul Martin Says:


    The video is great. Most people think about salary negotiation as being after a job offer is made. Maybe that’s when the nuts and bolts of negotiation takes place, but as you mentioned, it starts with their initial contact. Since first impressions are last impressions, they will affect what the employer is willing to offer.

    Observation: The vieo cut off the clip you showed about bling water, so at first I was a little confused about what you were saying or referring to.

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